Fine5 Dance Theatre (Estonia) performing in Jerusalem 18.12.2019

18. 12.2019 at 20.00 MASH (Mashol Shalem Dance House) Fine5  “GENERATIONS”


Choreography: Stav Marin ja Neta Weiner (Israel)
Dancers and Co-creators: Ajjar Ausma, Simo Kruusement, Olga Privis, Helen Reitsnik, Katre Sabbal, Allar Valge, Aneta Varts
Costumes: Liina Tepand
Lighting: Ants Kurist

Fine5 DT and Israeli choreographers /performance artist Stav Marin and Neta Weiner collaboration work GENERATIONS premiered in Tallinn in Sept 22nd 2018. Stav Marin and Neta Weiner deal in their works with the clash and meeting between spoken words and body language. Through this clash they investigate power structures and power relations, both in the political sphere and in the intimate domestic sphere. The meeting between Stav and Neta and the Fine5 ensemble creates a fascinating intercultural conversation involving text, voice and body. GENERATIONS deal with the weight of memory as it is transferred through generations within the structure of families. It examines the ability to remember and forget and raises the question of whether we have a choice in doing so. Several Textual and physical heritages (martial arts, pop music, folk traditions) are brought as means of confrontation and affirmation in this examination. By exposing realms of violence and softness within the family texture, personal and collective narratives are revealed to be broken down and recomposed.

“It is delightful, full of energy and joy. Seven good dancers of different age – generations – seems to thrive on stage and this highly contributes to the overall experience.“ (L-O. Persson, Göteborg, 2018)



Fine 5 Dance Theatre is one of the best-known and the most influential contemporary dance companies in Estonia.