Häid pühi! Chag Sameach! Happy Holidays!

Dear Friends, Citizens of Estonia and Israel

During this exceptional time of crisis,  the Embassy of Estonia and its Staff joins you all at celebrating Pesach/Easter Holidays. Even if we can do it in a spatially limited way and with  our  family members only this spring.

Both of  these Holidays, – the Jewish and the  Christian  –  are symbols of freedom, spirituality and endurance.

Spirited by these values,  the  citizens of both our countries –  Estonia and Israel  – are used to face the risks and hardships in their histories and to cope with them. We have never  let the hardships overcome our hope into the future  or stressful times  shade  our joy.

As we know that tomorrow is bringing new promises and new hope, I am wishing Good Health and Hope  to all of you and to your families.


Sulev Kannike

Ambassador of Estonia