Personal Details Updates and Family Records Certificates

Every Estonian national has the obligation to update his/her data in the Estonian Population Register. This can be done free of charge through the Embassy by bringing the following documents or sending them by post:


  • Original birth certificate (including the names of the parents)
  • Copies of the parents’ passports or ID-cards


  • Original marriage certificate
  • Copies of the spouses’ passports or ID-cards

Change of name

  • Original document certifying name change
  • Copy of passport or ID-card

NB! If presenting a document released by foreign authorities, please verify if you need to translate it and legalize or certify with an apostille. Documents released by Israeli authorities must be certified by apostille (more information here). If the document is not in Estonian, Russian or English, a translation and notarized certification of the translation is required.

In order to update the data in the Estonian Population Register:

  • Send the documents by post

Menachem Begin 125
P.O. Box 7166
Tel Aviv 6107120

  • Or bring the documents to the Embassy during the consular reception timesFridays 11.00-13.00
  • Wednesdays 15.00-17.00

The original documents will be returned to the owner.

For more information please contact the Embassy (972) 3 710 39 10, [email protected]


Ordering certificates from the Embassy

All certificates below can be ordered at the Embassy (during a pre-booked appointment) or by post by sending a signed application form (please see the different forms below), a copy of your passport or ID-card and proof of payment of the state fee (copy of online bank transaction page including the name of the owner of the account).

NB! Certificates released by the Consul will not be certified with an apostille.

A Family Records Certificate

A Family Records Certificate (about a birth, death, marriage, divorce or change of name) can be issued to the person him/herself or to one’s guardian. In order to receive the certificate from the Embassy in Tel Aviv please present an application.

A Population Registry Extract

Extracts of the information entered in the population register (including certificates of residence) are issued by local governments and the authorised processor of the population register Ministry of the Interior’s IT and Development Centre. In order to receive the certificate from the Embassy in Tel Aviv please present an application.

Certificate of No Impediment

In order to receive the Certificate of No Impediment please present an application.

Police Clearance certificate

Police Clearance Certificates (Criminal Information Certificates) is issued by the Estonian Records Database electronically or by post. The certificate is in Estonian language and in case you order it yourself it will be issued for free.
It is possible to apply for a consul’s statement in English based on the Estonian Police Clearance Certificate. In order to receive the consul’s statement in Tel Aviv please present the original Police Clearance Certificate and a written application (in free form) (in addition to the copy of your passport or ID-card and state fee).

Certificate concerning the circumstances knnown to the consular officer.

Consular official can issue a certificate based on circumstances known (beyond doubt) to the consular officer on the request of an Estonian citizen or an Estonian legal entity. The certificate can be issued if the circumstances in question have occurred in Estonia and the consular official has access to information proving them.

In order to receive a certificate please present an application in free form notifying

  • Name, personal code, address, email, phone
  • The authority to whom the certificate will be presented
  • What kind of information is required