Estonian passports and ID cards

You can apply for a new Estonian citizen passport and ID-card by post or directly from the Estonian Police and Boarder Guard Board e-service center if less than 5 years have passed since taking of fingerprints and applying for the previous passport. It is more convenient and also cheaper to renew your documents by POST or at the self-service portal from the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department.

  • Please use POST when you do not have valid ID card.
  • Please use E-SERVICE CENTER if you are able to sign electronically with your Estonian ID-card.
  • Passports for children under 12 years of age can also be renewed by post and e-service center as fingerprints will not taken from children under 12. 
  • You can always renew ID card by post, since fingerprints are not needed 


New state fees for travel documents (6.1.2020)  NB! ordering a document to a foreign representation will cost €20 in addition to the state fee.

You are welcome to consult about the application forms by e-mail  or  Customer Service phone +372 612 3000.



Applying passport/ID card  at the Embassy

Please book an appointment online

  • at the age 12 and above the application should be handed over personally.
  • standard application form (in english, in estonian)
  •  When applying for an Estonian citizen’s document for the first time, an additional form has to be filled in and submitted (in english)  or (in estonian)
  • send digital photo (JPEG, 500 kb, 650X800) to add your name and date of birth /or personal code.
  • include a document proving your Estonian citizenship (e.g an original birth certificate or other document declaring that one of your parents or grandparents is an Estonian citizen).  Israeli birth and marriage certificates can be obtained from Population and Immigration Authority. We recommend to order bilingual certificates (in English and in Hebrew) Certificates need to be authenticated with an Apostille that can be obtained from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel. If the certificates need translation (to Estonian, English or Russian) must be done by sworn translator or authenticated by notary.
  • if applying first time for a child’s passport, and the other parent holds other citizenship than Estonian, please enclose the other parent’s written consent and passport copy.
  • we accept payments by all major credit and debit cards. (PIN needed). If you pay by bank transfer, please bring payment slip.
  • If you would like to send someone one else to pick up your passport, please fill an authorization upon submission with your passport application (NB! this person must have valid Estonian identity document)


The new passport or ID-card will generally reach the Embassy within 4-6 weeks. Please book an appointment for pick up here

Attention: at the age 15 and above the passport and ID card will be handed out to the owner only.

You can check your document application status on Estonian Police and Border Guard Department website.