Estonian Cultural Society

Estonian Cultural Society was established on July 2021. The society brings together Estonians and estonian-minded people in Israel. Besides to Israelis either moved to the country from Estonia or having Estonian roots also people who are interested in learning Estonian language or want to be a part of Estonian culture life, are taking part in the activities of the society.

Contact e-mail [email protected]

Other resources: Global Estonian –  a worldwide community for Estonians and friends of Estonians around the world.

Studying Estonian E-LEARNING & APPS

  • – an online Estonian language course for beginners, where you can study on the basis of both Russian and English.
  •  – Speakly is a language learning platform that can be used on the computer and also on the smartphone. It uses a three layer system to achieve a conversational level. The first level is to learn words, the second to write and speak and the third one is to repeat what you already know.
  • Lingvist  Estonian startup, which uses AI to make learning faster and more efficient, released a compact course of 100 essential phrases in Estonian.

Summer schools

Tallinn University Summer School
University of Tartu International Summer University

Language camps are more immersive experiences for younger ones. You can find which ones are available at Global Estonians website Summer Camps


Useful stuff

  • jah – yes
  • ei – no
  • palun – please; you’re welcome
  • aitäh – thanks
  • tere – hi, hello
  • nägemist! – bye, see you!
  • vabandust – sorry
  • pole viga – no problem
  • kas te räägite inglise keelt? – do you speak English? (polite)
  • ma ei räägi eesti keelt – I don’t speak Estonian
  • ma saan aru – I understand
  • ma ei saa aru – I don’t understand
  • ma tean – I know
  • ma ei tea – I don’t know
  • palun aidake! – please help!
  • ma olen eksinud – I’m lost
  • kas teiega on kõik korras? – are you OK? (polite)
  • kuidas läheb – how’s it going?
  • tänan, hästi – I’m fine, thanks
  • normaalselt – I’m OK
  • läheb – it’s going OK
  • halvasti – bad
  • mis su nimi on? – what’s your name? (familiar)
  • minu nimi on … – my name is …
  • ma olen … – I’m …
  • tore sinuga tuttavaks saada – good to meet you (familiar)
  • mis tööd sa teed? – what do you do? (familiar)
  • ma olen … – I’m a …
  • arst – doctor
  • eestlane – Estonian

Now you’re just showing off….!  Kummikutes kummitus kummitas kummutis. – A ghost with rubber boots is haunting the chest of drawers.”

Kuuuurija istus töööös jäääärel – The lunar scientist worked during the night by the edge of the ice.”

General language learning possibilities

Foreigners Learning Estonian Facebook group
A&E Keeltekool
City Language School
Multilingua Language Center
Opus Lingua Language School
TEA Language School
Tallinn (Estonia) Language Exchange
10 Tongue Twisters To Get You Started on Estonian

also Integration Foundation website gives a thorough overview of different online tools, seminars, language courses and summer camps to learn Estonian.

Check out: Returning to Estonia – support for Estonians and Estonian citizens who have been away from Estonia or were born abroad and want to return

The Global Estonian Business Network brings together business-focused Estonians around the world who can support each other in their global business endeavours and who have an interest in contributing with their professional skills and knowledge to the success of Estonian exports and the Estonian economy.