The 7th MustonenFest 2020

The 7th MustonenFest, a long-standing international music festival, explores music from different genres and centuries.

The festival bears the name MustonenFest in honour of the founder of the festival – violinist, conductor and versatile musician Andres Mustonen.

Mustonenfest – the annual festival devoted to Baroque music takes place all over Estonia and Israel. This year focus is on bringing Baroque music to the masses – they claim that Baroque as a musical style isn’t dead but instead a living entity that can also change and progress as time goes on. The performers come from Estonia, Israel and all over Europe. There will be 20 concerts in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and elsewhere in Israel as a part of Mustonenfest. Estonian choirs and soloists with Israeli orchestras, ensembles and soloists in 10 joint programs of classical, jazz and folk music.

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