Tallinn Digital Summit, 10.-11. October 2022

Delivering trusted connectivity through trusted partnerships is the focus of this year’s Tallinn Digital Summit, an annual event hosted by the Estonian Prime Minister. The event brings together leaders from like-minded and digitally-advanced countries, international organizations, and the private sector to address the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow.

Estonia is offering the Tallinn Digital Summit as a platform to build bridges between the EU and its partners and as a marketplace for the connectivity initiatives of like-minded countries. We are committed to ensuring our democratic values, our commitments to human freedom and human dignity, and the rules-based international order prevail.

This year’s topics include: global stability, supply chains, energy, economic, and cyber security, digital policy, international standards, artificial intelligence, clouds and satellites, digital public goods, and Web 3.0, and the reconstruction of a free and democratic Ukraine.

Tallinn Digital Summit 2022 EXPO:
A virtual EXPO on 26th of September – 31st of October offers a networking platform to connect decision-makers with businesses worldwide and to advertise the newest products, services, and solutions related to the five key investment priorities of the European Union’s Global Gateway initiative: digital, climate and energy, transport, health, education and research.

You can watch the Tallinn Digital Summit 2022 live at https://digitalsummit.ee.

Check out the programme https://www.digitalsummit.ee/programme