Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland stop entry to Russian tourists through external borders

From 19.09.2022 entry to Estonia is forbidden to all short-term Schengen visa holding Russian citizens whose aim is tourism, sports, culture, visiting friends or family regardless of their country of destination or visa issuing country. The same restriction will enter into force also in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

The restriction does not apply to all Russian citizens. Crossing the state border will continue to be possible

  • for Russian nationals visiting direct ascendants and descendants (children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents); a spouse, a person with whom one shares minor children. The person that is visited has to be the citizen or a holder of a long term residence permit of Estonia or some other European Union country.
  • diplomats;
  • Russian nationals with a short-stay visa and registered employment in Estonia or with a student visitor visa;
  • people directly employed in the international transport of goods and passengers.

Exceptional entry is also allowed on humanitarian grounds and for dissidents.


Additional questions concerning border crossing into Estonia  Estonian Police and Border Guard Board – [email protected].