Notice to Estonian citizens: Is your passport valid?

Please we aware the reception of passport applications in Tel Aviv is suspended from 20 July to 15 August. 2022. What are my options?

  • As a digital nation  we encourage our citizens to use the Police selfservice 
  • another alternative is to send your passport application (with supporting documents) directly to the Police by post and, if requested You have to give only fingerprints at the Embassy. The plus side for such action  a) state fee is lower  (don’t forget to add 20 EUR is ordering passport to the foreign embassy) and  b) lines are shorter.
  • For fingerprinting please make always reservation  If you are not sure if your fingerprints are valid, check it here 
  • At the moment, there are still avalibale times to submit applications at our embassy.  As a kind reminder, please always use online calendar for consular reception
  • or apply a new passport during your visit to Estonia, just find  a suitable service office BTW also expedited procedure is possible (2 working days) or order that the new passport will be sent for pick up to our Embassy in Tel Aviv.

In case you have more questions, please read some valuable tips in the consular section 

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