Estonia’s 2020 Year of Digital Culture – Estonia offers free digital education resources worldwide

The Ministry of Culture has organised thematic years since 2000. The Digital Culture year will be organized with the aim of enabling new generations to embrace the country’s living culture and heritage, and to support digital solutions. The aim of the Digital Culture Year is to make digital culture part of the success story of e-Estonia. It is important that new generations embrace our own living culture and heritage and that digital solutions support it. The activities and events of the year are organised by the National Library of Estonia, National Heritage Board, Estonian National Broadcasting and Estonian Film Institute.

Topics that will shape the Digital Culture year include re-use and rethinking of the digitised cultural heritage, related copyright and open data issues, the Creative Tiger programme that brings digital creativity to youth, and the analysis of big cultural data for better policies. Attention is also paid to the downside of digital weather, i.e. smart addiction, identity theft and cyber security.

In Estonia, under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture, 2020 is planned as the Year of Digital Culture. With the programming overtaken by the COVID-19 crisis, Estonia has announced that it offers its digital education solutions for free to support other countriesEstonia, the leading education nation in Europe (No 1. in PISA test in Europe), announced that it is humbled to share all of its digital education tools to support other countries’ education systems during the COVID-19 crisis.

The list of digital education tools that are internationally available are here:

The Year of Digital Culture frees Estonian music from archives. For the first time, the Year of Digital Culture will bring Estonian music to listeners all over the world for free. There are more than 40,000 pieces of music from both the oldies but goldies to fine contemporary music at

A bookworm’s dream-come-true: Estonians and e-residents of Estonia can now borrow books from the ECT virtually

Estonia is opening up to the world by digitising it’s Cultural Heritage

Digital Culture Year