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Innovation Center ACT Shenkar has been collaborating with Creative Estonia, Estonian Bussiness School and other partners within framework of a CLEVER program to develop entrepreneurship and leadership in the Israeli creative industry.

CLEVER promoted the Creative Industries in Israel in terms of education, economy and policy, with the ultimate goal to build creative communities. Economies around the world are facing challenges that trigger the development of Creative Industries. As we are witnessing the disappearance of traditional occupations from the global economy, but we are also seeing that some are being replaced by creative communities that are focused on innovation, critical thinking and creative problem solving – skills that have become fundamental in todays’ jobs market. “In a world where innovation and entrepreneurship are an essential part of the business environment, young entrepreneurs and creative ideas are a significant catalyst for economic growth” said prof Yuli Tamir, president of Shenkar College.

The global trend towards Industry 4.0 and the creative economy is generating a notable shift in creative recognition – with 31% of start-ups in the world today founded by designers, rather than technology experts. This new industry creates a greater need for human skill that are embedded into creative teaching and practices, including: complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. As we are in an era where global labour markets are in constant change, the ‘Creative Industries’ and the ‘Creative Economy’ are evolving concepts based on creative assets potentially generating economic growth and development. The Creative Industries comprise of a large variety of knowledge-based creative fields, including the Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Fashion, Design, Architecture and many more. The traditional focus in this sector of finding employment has replaced by the concept of career planning skills, entrepreneurship and management.
Europe has recently performed some major steps towards incorporating design and creativity in its innovation systems and growth roadmap. CLEVER aspired to benefit from this European experience, to learned the success indicators of the European system and adapted them to the local economy and Higher Education Institutions.

CLEVER (Creative Leadership & Entrepreneurship – Visionary Education Roadmap), was an initiative by the Innovation Center ACT Shenkar with the participation of a consortium of 15 institutions from Israel and Estonia, Denmark, United Kingdom, Island and Netherland funded by the European Commission (EACEA) under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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