The new book „Note“ by Gili Haimovich

The new book „Note“is unusual one-poem book translated into 21 different languages all over the world.

The new book includes also Estonian version „Sedel“ translated by Mathura.



Oled minu müür, mu
nutumüür, kuid mitte too, mis
Jeruusalemmas seisab, vaid see, mis siin
me kodus minu südamele rajatud.
See on õnn, mida suudad mulle anda –
olla paik, kus saan nutta.

See luuletus on aga sedel,
mille sinusse peidan.
Kaeban, et tahan enamat kui oled sina.
See luuletus on palve:
et keegi teine peale sinu leiaks samuti
mu sedeli, kuulaks mu ära.

Lisa de Nikolits from The Minerva Reader: “Gili Haimovich’s poetry captures an astonishing integration of place and emotion, with the same poem speaking to a breadth of moments and feelings. Which is why one can reread her poems so often over the years. It’s extraordinary, her way of capturing and startling the reader with observations and insights into a day, summing up the poignancy and the sufferings we endure – a wondrous ability to surprise and delight with these perfect observations of something you thought or would have thought if you had been able to formualte that thought but for you, it was more a vague feeling but then you read the poem and there it is, only it comes with a conclusion that leaves you slightly sucker-punched but in the best possible way, as if showing you a sharp-edged truth that you were not entirely surprised to find was there.

The launch of the new book „Note“was held at the Bookworm cafe-bookstore on August 1st 2019.
The book is published by Ediciones El nido del fenix.