In connection with Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the resulting security situation, more thorough border checks are carried out on external border of Estonia.

Transit without delay is allowed to people who need to travel through Estonia to reach their country of residence.

Please note that the border guard checks might take longer since Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland have temporary restricted entry to Russian tourists through external borders.

The person crossing the Estonian-Russian border has to have the required documents as listed below and the additional documents for tourism and private visits.

Visiting or travelling through Estonia, please make sure that you have:

  • a valid travel document;
  • a valid travel insurance;
  • sufficient funds;
  • at the border, you must be ready provide information regaring your purpose of travel in accordance with the Schengen border regulations

as well as

  • for tourism and private visits : 1) the lodging: an invitation from the host if staying with one; a supporting document from the establishment providing lodging or/any other appropriate document indicating the accommodation envisaged 2)  the itinerary: confirmation of the booking of an organised trip or any other appropriate document indicating the envisaged travel plans; a return or round-trip ticket;
  • for business trips: 1) an invitation from a firm or an authority to attend meetings, conferences or events connected with trade, industry or work; 2) or other documents which show the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes; 3) entry tickets for fairs if attending one;
  • for study or training: 1) certificate of enrollment at a teaching institute for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical courses and further training; 2) student cards or certificates for the courses attended;
  • for political, scientific, cultural, sports or religious events: Invitations, entry tickets, enrollments or programmes stating wherever possible the name of the host organisation and the length of stay or any other appropriate document indicating the purpose of the visit.