How did Estonia carry out the world’s first mostly online national elections

For the first time in history has a majority of votes in a national parliamentary election n been cast online rather than on paper ballots. How does Estonia’s system work? How are security and integrity ensured? How are the votes counted? Erika Piirmets digs deeper into the topic.

One can say, that Estonians are used to electronic services and see them as a natural part of their lives. I-voting is no exception. Although i-voting being available since 2005 already, the argument behind the logic is not any separate e-service, but rather a wholesome ecosystem where people trust the strong electronic identity forming a part of their everyday consumer’s path of public and private services. I-voting to become the majority participatory channel of elections in Estonia reflects a maturing digital state where people change processes to fit their lifestyle better without compromising the values and principles of a democratic, transparent society.