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Fyma, Taavi Tammiste, CTO & Co-founder Fyma is the only self-serve computer vision platform in the world. They provide a software solution that works by leveraging the power of AI and computer vision to transform any new or legacy outdoor CCTV video surveillance systems into smart devices capable of capturing and analysing real-time actionable data insights in a GDPR compliant way. With Fyma, customers can maximise revenue, enhance their customer experience, obtain better ROI on existing infrastructure and make the best decisions about the future of commercial and public spaces for consumers and the public.

Glia, Carlos Paniagua, CTO & Co-founder Glia is on a mission to help businesses reinvent how they support customers in a digital world. Glia’s Digital Customer Service solution brings the in-person experience to all customer interactions – whether they start online or on the phone. Glia’s artificial intelligence management platform allows enterprises to deploy conversational AI in six different ways to assist customers and agents. For the second year running, CB Insights has named Glia to the fourth annual Fintech 250, a prestigious list of emerging private companies working on groundbreaking financial technology. Glia’s clients are customer-focused financial institutions like banks, credit unions, and insurance companies.

MindTitan, Kristjan Jansons, CEO & Co-founder MindTitan was founded by recognized Data Scientists. It bridges breakthrough science and the industry by transforming the latest developments into value-generating solutions. The company solves complex problems that can be solved by no other means than AI and develops tailored solutions for their customers or offers existing tools from their suite of developed products. Mindtitan helped develop the AI strategy for the Government of Estonia. They have concluded projects in 20+ countries and have offices in the US and Estonia.

Feelingstream, Lauri Ilison, CTO & Co-founder Feelingstream is a platform that transcribes large amounts of audio to text in many different languages and, by doing so, provides exciting visibility into customer conversations. Designed for contact centre work management, it works for all informal channels: audio, email, chat, NPS, and enables to evaluate customer conversations in real-time and react if targeted events appear. FeelingStream is the #1 ASR (automatic speech recognition) and NLP (natural language processing) provider in Scandinavia.

FlowIt, Juhan Pukk, Partner/ Business Development FlowIt uses AI to utilize your existing data and predict the future far better and at a more granular level than any human could. Standard Business Intelligence solutions give customers the possibility to see the past. FlowIT helps companies understand the behavior patterns of their customers and highlight any sudden changes in them. So far, the salespeople had to act reactively, wait for the customer to come to them. Now it is possible to work proactively and send prefilled proposals before the customer even asks for a quote. FlowIT caters to logistics and manufacturing companies.


If you got inspired by the company presentations and are on the lookout for cooperation opportunities, do not hesitate to contact our Business Development Manager, Mr. Allan Dobrõs (allan.dobros@eas.), or the companies´ representatives:

MindTitan –  Mr.Kristjan Jansons; [email protected]

FeelingStream – Mr.Lauri Ilison; [email protected]

Fyma – Mr.Taavi Tammiste; [email protected]

Flowit –  Mr.Juhan Pukk; [email protected]

Glia – Mr.Carlos Paniagua; [email protected]

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