e-Estonia: fresh ideas for your mobility masterplan

Thursday 22.04.2021 to Thursday 22.04.2021
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Join us on the 22nd of April at 11 AM for e-Estonia Digital Discussion on mobility. Mobility, which aims to bring public transport closer to the people and make its use more convenient, faster, and more accessible, is a significant direction in drawing up a master plan. It involves Smart City projects ranging from smart zebra crossings to self-driving buses and cars and interoperable ticketing platforms. It also encompasses predictive transportation and 3D mapping. The five Estonian companies – Ridango, Auvetech, Bercman Technology, Sixfold, and Eyevi Technologies sharing light on their innovative solutions have implemented multiple projects in other countries and even boast clients like the European Commission, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, and Tesco, to name a few.

Maarja Rannama, CEO of ITS Estonia  – a collaboration network of intelligents transportation systems will share the Estonian vision for smart transport and mobility. Presentations are followed by a panel discussion. The event is moderated by Digital Transformation Advisers Anett Numa and Florian Marcus.
Attendees of our Digital Discussion will get the chance to go in-depth with each company in a dedicated breakout session and post all their queries during the panel.

About the companies:

Bercman Technologies is a company dedicated to developing Smart City, Smart Road and Mobility related innovative products and services for ITS and C-ITS applications. The Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk (SPC), developed by Bercman monitors the situation on traffic lanes and sidewalks and offers several safety and notification functions. To detect situations involving traffic hazards, narrow artificial intelligence algorithms are used, which are capable of predicting the moving trajectories of the road users and warn them in

Auve Tech is building the world’s most flexible autonomous shuttles to solve last-mile transportation for early adopters of innovation. They’re working for a better, greener tomorrow with less waste of space.

Sixfold is Europe’s leading provider of visibility services. They help the world’s biggest companies, their carriers and customers get accurate delivery estimates and see where their shipments are in real time. Their technology integrates transport management systems, truck telematics, mapping data, and predictive analytics. Combined with machine learning, the platform is nothing less than revolutionary.

Ridango is an established solution provider for public transport, with a focus on ticketing, payment and real-time passenger information systems. Being one of the most proven account-based ticketing and contactless bank card acceptance providers for public transport globally, Ridango has successfully executed multiple projects in Nordic countries and the CEE region. Its scalable state-of-the-art technology is designed to serve transport systems of any size, large or small. Ridango serves the mission to help millions of people travel simply and seamlessly.

EyeVi Technologies is a geospatial AI-based digital data production company. They make road infrastructure digitisation sustainable, cost-efficient and fast for road consultants, asset managers and infrastructure operators. EyeVi aims to eliminate bottlenecks in predictive maintenance, traffic management and safety auditing with our on-demand mapping technology.

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Thursday 22.04.2021 to Thursday 22.04.2021
online - free access